Two entrepreneurs, driven by passion, pragmatism and the ambition to make a difference, started their business in 2008. Dieuwertje Damen and Hubertine Roessingh are the founders and directors of The Value Agency.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in combination with Strategy Design is my big passion. As such, promoting and supporting 21st Century Entrepreneurship became the main theme in everything I do. I have worked extensively with businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world over the last five years. Entrepreneurship for me is the most important and most natural vehicle for the development and sustainable growth of everyone & everything living on this planet. To give shape to this in an creative and strategic way - that is what gives me the energy and a smile on my face every day.


    Dieuwertje Damen

    Founder & director


  • I have worked and lived in Brazil, India, and Thailand in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainable development and leadership. My passion is to connect people, organizations & ideas and making a positive change in the world


    Hubertine Roesingh



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