The Value Agency is the place to access fresh ideas, practical solutions and the latest trends in the field of CSR strategies.

We offer you the following three services:


1. CSR identity & strategy design

Is your company 21st century proof yet?


We develop creative CSR identities and effective strategies for tomorrow’s companies. Our integral approach and innovative tools will help you shape CSR from your core-business effecting your long term objectives and daily operations.


The result?

More creative and sustainable strategies with motivated employees leading into breakthrough products and services for the 21st century.


2. Meetings that matter

We have the future in our hands, now let’s create it with our heads and hearts.

We organize and host Meetings that Matter around 3 themes:

  • CSR & sustainability
  • Leadership
  • Social innovation

The result?

By using a wide range of co-creative and interactive methods, the Meetings unleash energy, connect people and cross-pollinate ideas to collaboratively create value.


Interested in organizing Meetings that Matter yourself? We also give workshops & trainings in the Art of Meeting.


3. Social Enterprises

We believe in the people who are crazy enough to ignore the skeptics and who, above all, are willing to add value to the world.
We believe in social entrepreneurship, in businesses that address and pursue both commercial and social- environmental goals. The Value Agency is a social enterprise that initiates innovative concepts that have the potential to be selfsustainable & profitable.

So far, we have started two social enterprises:

Rainbow Collection and Bar O.

want to know more?