Now, more than ever, is the time for companies to adapt to the needs & expectations of the 21st century and to new global market demands. We believe in business as a vehicle for change.

If we want to create value substantially and sustainably for companies and society, it must be profitable, while meeting environmental and social needs.


CSR as a business opportunity

To us CSR means the ability to respond to society at large. In the end it’s not about how you name it, but how you frame it and how you act upon it. CSR is not charity, nor corporate philantropy and neither should it be treated as just another project on the side. CSR is about:

  • creating value from the core business
  • delivering effective, sustainable and innovative products & services
  • building new and trusting partnerships with societal stakeholders and other businesses

CSR is a strategic chance and business opportunity for companies to become 21st century proof.

Our 3 objectives to add value

  1. create effective & sustainable business solutions to the biggest global challenges of our time
  2. elicit an international community of value agents
  3. support companies with the most innovative and efficient principles of CSR & equip them with integral strategies and tools

In 5 years time, The Value Agency aims to be the leading CSR ID agency, supporting future multinationals to become 21st century proof by: And while doing so, we want to work relentlessly and have fun doing it!

lead your business into
a sustainable future