We are a values led organization, combining practical idealism with a business mentality. Creating new value and making a positive change are the elements that lie at the heart of our day to day work. 

We believe in practicing what we preach and work from our own CSR identity & strategy. In our aim to support companies to become 21st century proof, we need Value Agents: people and organizations that are inspired by believes and motivated by action to create shared value. They lead by example and are the ambassadors of the 21st century. 


Our CSR identity consists of 3 pillars:

1. Be The Change

We are Value Agents ourself, we will be the change we wish to see in the world. In the first place by developing state of the art CSR tools & practices for our clients. And secondly, by applying 21st proof business operations for ourselves: from green catering to office sharing and from employee education to green transport.

2. Value Agent Support  

We will support future Value Agents to become 21st century-proof, providing them with our expertise and experience. It only takes one organization or person to set the example and inspire many others to do the same. How? 
  1. We support Value-Agents-To-Be or social entrepreneurs  by giving advice on CSR & 21st century entrepreneurship and share ideas about starting up their own business. 
  2. We have joined the Business in Development program. With great pleasure we coach Vina Domingo from the Philippines, with her promising plan to introduce healthy bamboo snacks to the market - Women in Business Challenge

3. Social Enterprise Development 

As a social enterprise, it stems naturally from our core to reinvest our earnings into The Value Agency to develop new and meaningful initiatives. We initiate new social enterprises that we feel the world desperately needs, such as Bar O, Rainbow Collection and The SRA Netherlands.


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